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1. Ordering

How do I place an order?

Simply select the items you would like from our online store and they will be added to your cart. When you are ready, click on your cart and proceed to check out.

Where do I input a discount code?

There will be a box on the second page of the checkout process. Enter the code into the box and click "apply".

What currencies are available?

We are working hard on tailoring our website to show the correct currency based on your location.   Currently the currency, and prices shown on our .com.au website is Australian dollars, our .com website is in US dollars, and our .co.uk website is in European Euros, or British Pounds. 

Please note, for our .co.uk website, we are only able to receive payments in Euros.   However there are no problems with processing transactions from any other countries. And we ship anywhere in the world!

When will you have your item(s) back in stock?

As soon as we have replenished out stocks, we will make them available for purchase online.

Feel free to sign up to receive notification for when an item becomes available, and we'll send you an email when it does, so that you'll be the first to know!

How do I check on my order status?

You can check the status of your order through the Order Confirmation email we would have sent you upon completing your purchase.
Please allow 1-2 working days for our fulfilment team to process your order for shipping. Standard shipping may take 1-6 weeks depending on your location.
When your order is shipped we will send you a shipping confirmation email, with a tracking number which you can use to monitor its progress.
Please note that some shipments to certain countries do not have tracking services available. But rest assured your order is on its way.
For more information about shipment, please check our shipping info page

2. Products

Will my keys fit the Orbitkey?

Most keys will fit without any issue, as long as the hole on your key is greater than 4mm in diameter, it has a flat profile and the length is shorter than 67mm (from the hole to the end of the key). This rule also applies to keys where the holes are irregular in shape (e.g. slot, square, triangular).

Anything that doesn't fit on the Orbitkey (such as car keys) can be attached using the D-ring included with every Orbitkey.

If you want to make sure, we have a guide to how you can check your keys in the next question.

I understand most keys fit but still want to double check. How do I do that?

Solution 1 - You can easily check using a ruler to see if the key hole is at least 4mm large.
Solution 2 - If you have access to a caliper, it's even better and more accurate!

Solution 3 - If you really want to make sure, you could use this template.

How many keys can I carry with the Orbitkey?

Although we do recommend a minimalist approach to key carrying, the Orbitkey can carry up to 7 standard keys (each 2mm thick).

Will my loyalty cards fit?

The Orbitkey can certainly accommodate store loyalty cards, but it will depend on the shape of the card and where the hole on the card is located. It works best when the hole is in the centre and the card is not too wide.

Does the D-ring attachment come for free?

Yes, the D-ring attachment comes with every Orbitkey free of charge. With it, you can attach your car key, temporary keys and any large items to your Orbitkey

What is the difference between a full Orbitkey and a spare band?

All our bands are interchangeable. Spare bands are available on our website for customers that would like to easily change the style of their Orbitkey.

Is the Orbitkey version 1 parts interchangeable with version 2?

Unfortunately, the band and locking mechanism for version 2 are different, and are not interchangeable with version 1.

How is the Orbitkey packaged?

All our Orbitkeys are shipped pre-assembled in a custom cardboard/Kraft paper box - so you can experience Orbitkey the moment it arrives (which also makes them great gifts *wink*). The package also includes instructions for assembly and use.

Can I use the Orbitkey Ring, Clip and Strap with the Orbitkey Key Organiser?

Most definitely, in fact, we encourage it! All our products work great on their own but together, they create an ecosystem to help manage and organise your everyday essentials. Use the Orbitkey Ring to carry and quickly detach your car keys and other bulkier items, the Orbitkey Clip to hook your Orbitkey on your belt loop or bag, and the Orbitkey Strap to wrap your Orbitkey around your wrist or tie it to your bag.

Can I use any key or accessory (like car key fob) on my Orbitkey Ring? Will they fit?

Most key fob/car key will! As long as the hole in the key or car fob is greater than 3.6mm wide, it will fit through the Ring.

Orbitkey Ring, Clip and Strap Collection

An easy-to-use keyring. Designed to make attaching and detaching your keys effortless. There's no need to break your fingernail to pry open your keyring.

- User-friendly - simply pinch, pull down and rotate to unlock
- Quickly swap keys or detach car keys
- Fits most keys and accessories
- Slim and durable
- Made of stainless steel, and a plastic polymer core

An elegant carabiner with a smooth surface, and a big gate opening. Clip is a perfect solution for those of you who prefer less bulk in your pocket.

- Comes with easy-to-use Orbitkey Ring
- Secure quick release system for interchanging keyrings
- Smooth surface and big gate opening for easy operations
- Features vegetable full-grain leather for extra comfort
- Made of stainless steel, and a plastic polymer core

A simple and elegant leather carry strap paired with an innovative quick release clasp. Perfect to hang your keys and everyday carry items.

- Comes with easy-to-use Orbitkey Ring
- Secure quick release system for interchanging keyrings
- Premium vegetable tanned, full-grain leather for extra comfort
- Adjustable leather loop for extra security

What are the dimensions of the Orbitkey Ring, Clip and Strap

Orbitkey Clip system - Length (including the Ring): 103mm, Length (Clip only): 52mm, Width: 30.5mm, Thickness: 4.5mm
Orbitkey Strap system - Length (including with the ring): 238mm, Length (Strap only): 207.5mm, Width of the leather: 14mm, Thickness of the leather: 1.6mm
Orbitkey Ring - Diameter: 30mm, Thickness: 3.5mm, *Opening: 3.6mm

3. General

What type of leather do you use?

We use genuine cowhide leather.

How do I clean my leather Orbitkey?

Our leather bands are made from genuine cowhide leather and will age over time - a look we prefer personally. However if you would like to maintain the leather we recommend cleaning it with a soft, dry cloth and limiting its exposure to direct heat or intense sunlight.

Will there be other accessories in the future?

We are always working to bring new designs and accessories to the Orbitkey range. If you have any suggestions, we would love to hear about them! Drop us a line at hello@orbitkey.com or send us a suggestion on Facebook or Twitter.

How do I keep up-to-date with new designs and promotions?

We regularly release new designs and run promotions. To stay up-to-date please subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of our website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

How can I be sure of the authenticity of my Orbitkey?

All Orbitkey products are marked with our logo or 'Orbitkey.' Our products are only available in our online store and at certified resellers.

Do you sell replacement parts?

Yes we do sell replacement parts, please contact us at hello@orbitkey.com.

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